About the Mackayne Arabians Family

Mackayne Arabians was founded by Keitha Adams. Fueled by her love for horses, and intrigued by the beauty of the Egyptian Arabian breed, Keitha fell in love with an Egyptian mare named Lady Mishaal. Lady Mishaal started a lifetime journey with Egyptian Arabians.

Keitha Adams recalls the day she acquired Lady Mishaal.

"Wayne and I went on a weekend trip to learn about the advantages of owning straight Egyptian Arabian horses. The seminar we attended was so exciting, and my husband mentioned that he had no idea what a wonderful opportunity it would be for me to begin a business with these majestic horses. After spending years research to determine what were the most important components of my breeding program. I cannot express the joy I felt in March of 2008 when my husband purchased Lady Mishaal for me - as a birthday present. It was the best birthday I had ever had." Later Wayne purchases several a number of other horses for me as Valentines and Christmas gifts.

Keitha's dream of building a legacy with these wonderful horses became a dream shared by the entire family - including daughters Mikayla, Mackenzie, and son Dane. Mackayne Arabians continues the journey of preserving these rare and precious straight Egyptian Arabian bloodlines by incorporating new bloodlines, ideas and promotional programs.

The Employees

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